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Solid Fuel, Oil Fired, Electrical

Solid FuelSolid Fuel

Solid Fuel heaters are becoming more and more popular in the UK, usually replacing gas or electric powered devices.

Great for heating, hot water and cooking, a solid fuel heater can even be cheaper to run. It’s important you choose the right heater for your home so we will work with you to lay out the options, whether you want solid fuel heater that stands alone or fits in with your existing central heating system.

Oil Fired   

If you live in an area that has no access to gas, or low gas resources an oil fired boiler can be your best solution from a cost perspective.

The conversion rate of turning oil into heat is very high (around 90%) with some models) meaning your heating and hot water bills will be cheaper. The oil fired boiler heats the water, providing central heating via radiators and hot water through the taps. Heating oil will be delivered and stored outside your home in a tank. Heat-only and combination condensing oil fired boiler types are available. A hot water thermostat will help you control the temperature of hot water.


If you live in an area with no access to a mains gas supply or live in a home with gas boiler restrictions i.e. a listed building an electric boiler can heat your home.

With no pipe work or flue it is cheaper to install in your home plus with few moving parts an electric heating system needs little maintenance. A storage heater uses electricity supplied at a cheaper ‘night-time rate to heat up special heat retaining bricks. A storage heater will give out heat slowly, designed to keeping a room warm for a whole day.

If you wish to find out more or would like to to arrange an installation please call Warmer Energy Services on: 0800 377 7755 

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