ECO-Affordable Warmth

Affordable Warmth is part of ECO (Energy Company Obligation) and is aimed at providing free central heating and  home insulation to low income, vulnerable households, and these living in privately rented or owned properties, on state support. The eligible criteria are means-tested, but the process is fairly simple.

The process will include:

• An initial eligibility assessment
• An assessment of your property
• Appointment for appropriate work to be carried out
• Effective after sales service and satisfaction evaluation

The benefits are:

• No cost to you (Its FREE)
• Enhanced standard of living with effective heating systems
• Improved health and wellbeing
• Added comfort

Affordable Warmth will also help to combat Fuel Poverty as well as helping to reduce the link between inadequately heating and damp homes and poor health. It is believed that cold homes are the main cause of increases of respiratory and circulatory diseases. Other main health issues associated with cold housing are; common flu and cold, arthritis and rheumatisms.

The world health organisation, (WHO) recommends that you should heat living rooms to 21 degrees and bedrooms and other rooms to 18 degrees, for 9 hours a day. The longer an individual is exposed to cold temperatures the greater risk to ill health. This is accelerated for vulnerable groups.

(The Health Impacts of Cold Homes & Fuel Poverty review, friends of the earth, 2011)

Fill in the Affordable Warmth Appliciation form here

For further information on Affordable Warmth or need assistance with the application form, please call one of our friendly customer service advisors on 0800 377 7755.
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