The Energy Company Obligation is designed to complement the domestic Green Deal in a number of areas. For some of the most effective carbon saving measures, Green Deal finance alone will not be able to cover the upfront costs of the measures, ECO will combine with Green Deal finance to make these measures affordable under Green Deal. ECO will also be used to provide insulation and heating measures to low-income and vulnerable households and insulation measures to local communities.

The process will include:

• An initial eligibility assessment
• An assessment of your property
• Appointment for appropriate work to be carried out
• Effective after sales service and satisfaction evaluation

The benefits are:

• No cost to you (Fully funded by Warmer Energy Services)
• Improve the heating of your home

ECO will help to eradicate fuel poverty, which is currently affecting over 7 million households in the UK. You are declared fuel poor if you spend more than 10% of your income on adequately heating your home. There are many reasons for fuel poverty some of which are; low income, poor insulation, inefficient heating systems and under occupancy.

For further information on ECO or need assistance with the application form, please call one of our friendly customer service advisors on 0800 377 7755.

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