Warmer Energy Services Deliver Renewables Project in Longtown, Carlisle

As part of their 5 year major investment programme, and following the successful delivery of a £140,000 pilot scheme to fit LG Solar PV and Mitsubishi Air Source Heat Pumps to nine houses in Longtown, Carlisle, The Riverside Group, working in partnership with Warmer  Energy Services are investing over £2m to ‘green’ the Longtown area of Carlisle.

The area is currently ‘off-gas’ with the properties heated through a traditional solid fuel system. Warmer Energy Services is upgrading the properties through the installation of a Mitsubishi Air Source Heat Pump, the operational costs of which are supported by the installation of an LG Solar PV system.
The project will result in a significant reduction in tenant fuel costs and a ‘greener’ Longtown, achieving an objective that has been a desire of Riverside Carlisle for some time.

Diane Hill, who has been leading the project for Riverside commented “Riverside have been able to improve energy efficiency across most of our Carlisle properties by fitting more economical gas systems, but this is not possible in Longtown. However the new green systems will have a similar effect, reducing bills and helping the environment at the same time”.

Mum-of-three and Riverside tenant Lyndsey Mason, who has already seen her weekly bill drop by £10 commented: “It will really help. I used to have a coal fire and really feel the cold, so it was always on. I thought I’d miss it but the new fire is great and the radiators keep a constant temperature so I don’t need to use it as much, and the hot water is brilliant. The kids are sleeping a lot better because it doesn’t get cold at night. I’d definitely recommend it and it’s a lot cleaner than coal."

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