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The Future of CCTV has arrived with high definition HD 1080p CCTV record crystal clear images.

HD 1080p CCTV

CCTV Image on the left 600TVL at D1 resolution, CCTV image on the right 2.1 megapixel at 1080p resolution, click on the image for a larger representation.

IP Security Cameras & IP Video Servers

IP security cameras and IP video servers are connected to an IP network using an Ethernet connection / CAT-5 cable. IP cameras and video servers have built in web servers so that the surveillance video that they transmit can be viewed directly from the camera over the Internet using a web browser, such as Internet Explorer. There is no need for a DVR or video capture card in order to broadcast the surveillance video over the Internet.

Mega-Pixel IP Cameras

Megapixel IP Cameras are suitable in really demanding situations where you need to be able to identify persons or objects in a scene. This could be point-of-sales (POS) monitoring where it is necessary to clearly see every item a customer is purchasing, or situations where you need to be able to identify a face. Casino surveillance and license plate recognition are also applicable. Highly detailed images can be achieved by installing a network camera with with zoom capability to allow a closer view of the area of interest. Using a Megapixel IP Camera in all such cases will provide even higher resolution images with more details than a non-megapixel network camera.


The answer to expensive, outdated analogue CCTV surveillance systems has arrived. When coupled with D-Link’s high-resolution and feature rich network cameras or those of other brands, the DNR-326 2-Bay Professional Network Video Recorder (NVR) offers a comprehensive video display, storage, and management solution. D-Link’s DNR-326 provides reliable high-quality remote monitoring functionality at a fraction of the cost of conventional surveillance systems for upto 9 IP Cameras.

Intelligent Playback Searching through recorded data can be tedious and frustrating. However, the NVR’s Smart Search function makes detecting notable events effortless. By selecting a target area on the video and setting search sensitivity, the Smart Search will traverse the video database based on specified search criteria to locate noteworthy events. Search criteria include options such as motion detection, missing or foreign objects, lost focus, or camera occlusion.
D-ViewCam NVR Software

The D-ViewCam NVR software bundled with the D-Link NVR consists of five main components: Playback Manager, Backup and File Manager, Verification Tool, NVR Search, and Multi-NVR Viewer. The Multi-NVR Viewer supports simultaneous display of up to 128 channels. Easily organize the view by directly dragging and dropping video onto the display window. Cameras managed by the NVR can be viewed as individual sites or categorized into groups. The Playback Manager includes a clean and simple web GUI interface that allows users to play, search, or export video. The Backup and File Manager is a flexible backup utility that simplifies the process of backing up video data from the NVR to external storage. The Verification Tool verifies whether data created by the system has been tampered with by adding a digital signature to each recorded video frame. NVR Search allows you to search for NVR devices in the local area network.

CCTV recently installed at The Cat in Ellesmere Port, covering the tills, bars and entrances. Read more

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D-Link IP Surveillance HD images at 1080p
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Lancashire Constabulary

ConsultNet has installed several CCTV systems for Lancashire Constabulary in Preston which is used remotely over the internet on a daily basis in the detection of a wide variety of crimes and disorder. To date the systems have been used to detect such diverse crimes from armed robbery, serious assault, criminal damage and anti-social behaviour with the images being used for identification and successful court prosecutions. PS Bridgeworth


ConsultNet had an instant and instinctive grasp of my CCTV installation needs in this area. He was able to home in on my requirements and adopted a balanced and perceptive view of what suited me. He was also able to translate his advice into plain English – a gift for any professional. Dave Holman

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