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ConsultNet provide IT support to companies who need computer support for Northwich, Knutsford and Cheshire who require IT solutions, PC and network maintenance that are too small to employ IT professionals.

ConsultNet has a reputation for designing and installing quality reliable computer hardware, software and Internet services followed up by no nonsence after sales support throughout Cheshire and the North West.

We are able to source Servers, Computers, Laptops, Pads, Monitors, Switches, Routers, Storage, Wi-Fi, Printers etc. from our IT distributor with next business day delivery.

We complement our IT services with our Internet Hosted services such as Microsoft Office 365, Hosted Exchange, Anti-Virus and Spam services at source .  


ConsultNet design and implement fully resilient Network solutions for small and large Enterprise businesses implementing high performance 10 Gig Managed Switches providing a secure, future-proof networking infrastructures with integrated security, high availability, resilient design, enhanced manageability,  implementing VLAN technology’s,  Trunked Tagged backbones, Resilient Backbone with independently routed Link aggregated Trunks, L3 Routing / switching, Dynamic Radius VLAN assignment, over Fibre or Cat6 cabling.

Timco Midwood wholesaler of screws, fasteners, fixings, nails and power tool accessories. ConsultNet supplied thirteen D-Link 1080p high definition IP CCTV cameras across a large distributed warehouse system with distributed networked NAS drives streaming video over a layered gigabit POE fibre network, isolating   the video network bandwidth from their day to day data network.

Milstone video management software (VMS) has the ability to monitor CCTV cameras with event driven management using virtual tripwires, analytical search functions, Web Client, Mobile app with video push for first responders, Interactive maps verifying camera placements, also inconspicuous screen recorder monitoring Windows based computer and EPOS tills screen images.


We are also a Cheshire based CCTV Internet specialists, Advanced Video CCTV Surveillance with high definition IP solutions deployed with the benefits of distributed Wi-Fi, layered networks, edge storage and IP switching with the ability to view the CCTV footage over the Internet with alarm images sent to your mobile via email.


We can provide Wi-Fi audits to determine best placement of your Wi-Fi access points providing wireless users with a single SSID to seamlessly roam while continuously being connected to the wireless network, also Dynamic Radius VLAN assignment  can be configured with multiple SSID’s being VLAN TAGED.

  1. Wireless users can seamlessly roam large Wi-Fi networks.
  2. Optimize network with automatic RF channel settings and adjustments of AP output power setting.
  3. Centrally monitor and manage AP’s for a single or multiple remote sites.
  4. Protect against intruders via advanced wireless rogue AP detection algorithms.
  5. Segment guest and corporate access with multiple SSIDs, Guest Captive Portal, and VLAN configurations.
  6. Track users across a large network.


Network attached storage (NAS) products can help small businesses centralize and back up all their files to one location, so that they have the freedom to access those files from anywhere, anytime.

  1. Add storage capacity in an affordable way.
  2. Store and access files from any PC or Mac computer using your existing network
  3. Share capacity with other parties (suppliers, customers)
  4. Redundancy using RAID technology in case of hard drive failures
  5. Share a USB printer across your network
  6. Automatically and continuously backup your data to give you peace of mind that all of our files are safe and secure place with local and offsite cloud backups with file snapshots
  7. Remote Access; You can access your files anytime and anywhere.
  8. SCSI LUN support ideal solution for providing applications that require local storage from the iSCSI volume on the Network attached NAS instead.


Hosted Exchange 2013 services Business class email including calendar, and contacts with a 50 GB mailbox, webmail and mobile services with inclusive Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus protection.

  1. Reduce risk of IT environment. E-mail in the cloud instead of on premise will prevent your whole business going down in the event of power outages, floods, fires etc.
  2. Shift the burden onto Microsoft! Get rid of servers and upgrade fees.
  3. No VPN required. Connect from anywhere.
  4. Properly synced mobile devices E-mail, calendar, contacts, notes and tasks all working together
  5. New security Policies. Remotely wipe data from your devices if needed
  6. Office 365 now available on Mobile devices.  Access Office 365 on your Phone, Pad
  7. Valuable software available. Skype, SharePoint, Lync, OneDrive to help your business even more
  8. Recurring monthly cost. There’s no upfront cost you can increase or decreases the users required.
  9. Larger mailbox storage.  50GB mailbox you can store every e-mail you ever.
  10. No more Microsoft licensing upgrades! Office 365 includes all licensing Office on all computers

BACKUP Software Soultions

  1. BackupAssist™ software with archiving for Exchange mailboxes
  2. MailStore Server ® The Standard in Email Archiving
  3. MDaemon® Messaging Server (In house Exchange Services)
  4. Carbonite powerful cloud-based solutions
Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials simplifies the integration of optional cloud-based applications and services such as Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure. Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials can help minimize the time, effort, and money you spend on IT.

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NAS Storage solution recently installed at Delamere Park providing a centralised resilient RAID 5 data storage with local and cloud backup services.. Read more

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Lancashire Constabulary

ConsultNet has installed several CCTV systems for Lancashire Constabulary in Preston which is used remotely over the internet on a daily basis in the detection of a wide variety of crimes and disorder. To date the systems have been used to detect such diverse crimes from armed robbery, serious assault, criminal damage and anti-social behaviour with the images being used for identification and successful court prosecutions. PS Bridgeworth

Police Testimonial on CCTV Services Provided


ConsultNet had an instant and instinctive grasp of our IT needs in this area. He was able to home in on my requirements and adopted a balanced and perceptive view of what suited me. He was also able to translate his advice into plain English – a gift for any professional. Dave Orme

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